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SuanPan is an educational and mental development program, for children aged 5-14, based on the application of the abacus. The continuous application of the eight-month program in the critical period results in permanent benefits in terms of developing individual potentials, attention, memory, focus and self-confidence of each participating child to a significant and measurable level. The program is accompanied by visual and auditory training and a set of psychological tests and games.


You need to be where your contribution reaches its peak, in a top-performing society that actively takes care of education for their children. You may find though that being an educator is not directly your vocational match, and your preference would stem in managing the back end of the business, personally being the head of a team as a person:

  • Of high integrity
  • Committing and adhering to SuanPan system
  • Committing to achieving recurring revenue
  • Believing and communicating our core values

As a SuanPan programme franchise owner, you become a part of a family that truly cares, supports and encourages one another. Becoming a part of SuanPan network is an opportunity that makes a difference in terms of broader vision and contribution to local communities, along with fulfilment of high business expectations. 

If you are ready to make relatively small investment in a business with huge potential, 

If you would like to experience a fast track growth in your professional and personal life,

If you love children and believe in EDUCATION FOR LIFE and LIFE-LONG EDUCATION,

If you are looking for a refreshing change compared to other businesses…

…you are most welcome.

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